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Posted: August 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Welcome to MalwareList.net!

MalwareList.net – is the security of computers and networks

from hacking attacks, viruses, and malware threats from the network.

Here you will find:

  • Description and classification of different types of malware.
  • Methods to improve protection against malicious software and computer security.
  • Latest malware news.

Tips on how to use the best free tools that will help protect you from dangerous downloads and malicious websites.

Malware – common term used to refer to any software, specially designed to cause damage to a single computer, server, or computer network. Malware is a broad category of software. They are installed without your permission and affect the operation of your computer.

The most common types of malware are Trojans, worms and viruses.

Trojan – a malicious program that is used by an attacker to collect information, destruction or modification, computer malfunction or use of its resources in the wrong purposes.

Computer virus – a version of the computer program, the distinctive feature of which is the ability to reproduce (replicate). In addition, it can damage or completely destroy data under the control of the user on whose behalf the infected program was launched.

Worm – a kind of self-replicating computer programs distributed in local and global computer networks. Unlike computer viruses, the worm is a standalone program. Trackware – new variation of a malicious program that tracks and records the actions performed on the computer.

How to protect your computer from malicious software?

  • Regularly update your antivirus software.
  • Used firewall when searching and surfing in internet.
  • Before opening downloaded files, and check them with an antivirus program.
  • Do not open an e-mail sent to you from unknown resources.

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