News for Exploit the vulnerability of 0-day in Java

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Vulnerability News

First reported the vulnerability of experts FireEye, who talked about what address the server is used by an exploit.

In its notification expert FireEye, Atif Mushtaq noted that in the near future to exploit vulnerabilities in Java will become widely available, and attackers can use it very actively. According to analyst Brian Krebs Information Security, soon to exploit the vulnerability CVE-2012-4681 will be available in a set of tools for hacking BlackHole.

From Oracle at the time of publication of news no comment on the removal of the vulnerability has been reported.

Experts offer a variety of information security tips on how you can protect yourself from this vulnerability. The most reliable and radical method is the complete removal of the system with Java, user which is published on the manufacturer’s website. You can leave a working version of Java on one of the browsers and using it to separate trusted sites.

Some experts also recommend Java rollback to an earlier version, or install a third-party solution, but both methods carry their own dangers, and thus can not guarantee a solution.

  1. Jhon says:

    Yesterday morning, put update JRE7u7, and you have today written that there is no remedy. There is! And recommends urgent to put it.

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