Killing antivirus worm spreads via Facebook and IM-clients

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Security Notices
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McAfee logoThe virus is able to deactivate the update modules of different software.

Experts from McAfee found malware that could simplify the way viruses attack, disable any anti-virus software on the system, as well as deactivating the update modules for different software.

According to the researchers, the worm spreads through the social network Facebook, as well as through a number of IM-clients, including ICQ, Skype, GTalk, Pidgin, MSN and YIM.

Attackers send messages to potential victims of alleged links to funny or interesting video. If the user will be held on the proposed web-site on his computer to automatically download and run malicious code.

The main features of a malicious application experts have listed:

  • The virus is able to bypass any firewall, marking itself as allowed program.
  • Copies itself into multiple folders and hide them.
  • Provides tools to auto.
  • Disables the anti-virus solutions, Windows and Yahoo Update.
  • The worm can replace IE start page and Firefox, as well as the configuration file Chrome.

McAfee view the report here.

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