Top 10 of the most devastating computer viruses

Posted: September 1, 2012 in Articles
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Computer virusToday, the majority of transactions in the world both personal and business, are made online. Internet takes up most of the life of every citizen – from social interaction to control your personal finances.

However, the Internet brings with it a number of specific risks. If you get a virus on your network, your personal information may be at risk, the data may be destroyed, and the hardware is damaged. And not all viruses of the same.

Some can cause damage worth billions of dollars. Below are the top 10 viruses that bring the most extensive damage, as well as tips on how to avoid similar devastation in the future.

1. MyDoom

The most destructive is still the virus MyDoom, which has already produced a loss of $ 38 billion in addition, that it is the most ruinous, its influence spreads fast and far. When a computer is infected by a virus, it (the virus) establishes a special program on the computer and sends copies of itself to all addresses found on your computer. In addition, the virus has the ability to open random programs. According to estimates in 2004, 25% of all emails being infected with the virus.

2. SoBig

Another dangerous and ruinous virus is SoBig. The damage from the virus in 2003 was $ 37.1 billion this fast-spreading virus was circulating through e-mails as spam, and if it is open, he had the ability to copy files to send itself to others and do more harm hardware and software.


This is a particularly dangerous virus that spreads quickly via e-mail, websites and files. This virus, also known as a worm, “I love you”, injured more than 500 thousand systems in 2000 and caused damage which is estimated $ 15 billion in just the first week he was able to hurt people by $ 5.5 billion this virus itself sent to all of the contact list of the computer owner. This virus is a kind of progenitors for those viruses that are attached to e-mail.

4. Conficker

The malicious program brought a loss of $ 9.1 billion in 2007, and has infected millions of computers around the world. Virus scan your computer for vulnerabilities, randomly generated list of sites that are accessed for the executable code. When you receive from the site of the executable file “worm” synchronize digital signature, and if it matches, the executable file.

5. Code Red

By far one of the most known viruses. In 2001, he caused damage of more than $ 2 billion, with the possibility to penetrate the computer networks and exploit weaknesses in the software Microsoft. Once the virus infects a computer, he began to actively search for other computers on the network to infect.

6. Melissa

This is a very “slippery” virus that sends infected Microsoft Word documents via Microsoft Outlook to everyone who was in the address book. Letters look like ordinary messages from Microsoft Outlook, but in fact it acted virus Melissa. Indicator that Melissa made her way into your Outlook, is to get your contacts from email messages with content: “Here the document you requested … Do not tell anyone.” Such a post accompanied by a document Word, where he has a virus. In 1999, this virus has brought damages of $ 1.2 billion

7. SirCam

This computer “worm” caused damage to users of more than $ 1 billion in 2001 virus threatens sensitive information, delete individual items or fill the space, as long as there will be no space for anything else.

8. SQL Slammer

This is a malicious program that significantly affected the banks, led to a sharp drop in the speed of the Internet. Losses from this virus is estimated will be about $ 750 million in 2003, he raised about 200 thousand computers around the world.

9. Nimda

Is one of the most common viruses in the Internet. In 2001, damage from it was $ 635 million It has led to a very slow loading web pages and low-speed traffic. In addition, the virus has the ability to penetrate the mail user and send the files over from your address book.

10. Sasser

This virus has created a lot of difficulties in 2004, causing losses of $ 500 million, disrupting flights, blocking e-cards. Sasser creator was a teenager and was quickly evaluated, when one of his “friends” passed him for the promised reward from Microsoft for $ 250 thousand

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