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Posted: September 2, 2012 in Antivirus and Security Software
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Kurupira WebfilterKurupira Web Filter – free parental control, allows you to block specified websites and programs. Appendix Junk Web content, allows you to control the time of Internet use.

Program Description

Kurupira Web Filter – free parental controls to block unwanted websites.

The solution is a convenient and easy-to-use application that helps you to block specified websites and software on the computer, filter the content of internet resources and control the time spent on the network – ensures the safety of your children in the digital jungle.

Kurupira Web Filter has a simple and comprehensive interface that makes it easy and intuitive to control the application.

Note: when installing the application proposes to change the home page of the web browsers installed in the system.

Kurupira Web Filter

Key features Kurupira Web Filter:

Block Web sites and programs. Set what programs or web pages can be accessed with a single click, block access to social networking sites and instant messenger programs.

Time control. Set the day of the week and the time frame, when allowed to browse the web from your computer. Set a time limit for access to the Internet.

History of all activity on your computer. Monitor the use of computer (and Internet access) with charts and detailed reports. Allows you to find out what web sites and applications that are used frequently.

Protection from adult content. Blocks unwanted Web content using artificial intelligence. Updates are available for free, so you can always get updated database to block thousands of websites with content for adults.

Kurupira Web Filter Screenshot

Developer: Kurupira.NET

License: Freeware (Free) Download free

Size: 15.7 MB

Windows 7 / Vista / XP x32 | 64

Interface: English

  1. I’ve installed Qustodio on my computer at home and it has been working well. Its free and besides blocking the sites, I also get to view their browsing history. I am not good with computers and so needed an easy parental control app that would work with minimal supervision.

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