South Korea is upgrading its cyber defense

Posted: September 4, 2012 in IT Security News
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South KoreaThe Ministry of Defense intends to “upgrade” cyber defense for prevent potential threats from North Korea.

As the Korea JoongAng Daily newspaper with reference to the Ministry of Defense of South Korea, the authorities intend to upgrade their offensive and defensive systems of IT-wars. In this case, all relevant reforms will be implemented in an integrated defense plan, designed to reduce the potential threat posed by North Korea.

“The software will be developed to provide military assistance to counter the threats of North Korea”, – quotes the edition to a senior official from the Ministry.

According to the paper, in order to modernize “weapon” for the conduct of cyberwar, state the necessary staff in the office will be doubled and will be about 1,000. All these people will be working in the relevant department – Cyber ​​Command, created in 2010 to prevent North Korean hackers.

Note that the South Korean government has repeatedly accused its geographical neighbor of hacking government web-sites, banking networks and attempts to disrupt flights. So, in June of this year, Seoul accused Pyongyang of involvement in the attack on the Incheon International Airport.

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