Taiwan is establishing a special unit to protect the country’s cyberspace

Posted: September 4, 2012 in IT Security News
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Taipei TimesDespite the overall downward trend in military spending, the government of Taiwan is constantly increasing costs for increasing the country’s defense in cyberspace. As stated by the Office of State Security of Taiwan, the first half of 2012 only on-site management were more than a million cyber attacks. How to assure the representatives of the authorities, all the attacks was neutralized.

According to the newspaper Taipei Times, Taiwan’s Ministry of State Security has published plans to expand the Office of Communications, Electronics and Information (CEIB). Within the Office planned to create a special unit, whose duties will be to ensure the country’s defense in cyberspace, as well as in the field of electronic warfare. Creation of a new special unit of Taiwan was a response to information about building the capacity to conduct cyber warfare from China.

Taiwan’s Ministry of State Security said that China deliberately infect different viruses and malware sites of government agencies, military departments, and large corporations in Taiwan. The ministry assured that actions of this kind are usually much more active during periods of increased tension in the relations between Taiwan and China.

The Taiwan government also accuses China of deployment jamming of ground and air-based, which allegedly used against Taiwan.

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