The number of cases of fraud involving bank cards increased

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Articles
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Bank CardsIn recent time increased the number of cases of fraud involving bank cards.

According to the analyst, global losses from Internet fraud and bank terminals in the billions annually. Of particular concern are scamming – interception of a credit card through the electronic devices illegally installed on the front of the bank terminal (overhead readers and keyboards).

Scammers often use the skimmer, so-called “mules” – middlemen engaged for a fee cashing stolen money. “Mules” takes money from stolen cards and transfer them to the anonymous account. Copies of the compromised cards and information disclosed bank accounts sold on the black market, the price depends on the country of origin of the map.

bank cardsScamming is not limited to ATMs. Banking information can be intercepted and through the payment terminal retail outlet. In this case, usually dual scan card. During the first reading the card payment transaction is legal, and during the second bank data is collected for further cloning cards.

Account operations not initiated by the user, can also occur as a result of a successful hacker attacks on electronic payment systems. In the case of compromise of its payment system, each user is in danger. An example of this type of crime – hacking processing center payment system Heartland, which led to the loss of data 130 million credit and debit cards.

To prevent illegal activities with credit and debit cards is advisable to use SMS-and e-mail alerts coming to cell phones and other consumer devices. These alerts help in time to monitor and respond to suspicious transactions to the accounts.

bank cardsAlso should be treated with caution and the Bluetooth-connection of the mobile devices. Attacks via Bluetooth-connections can lead to theft of contact lists, e-mails, text messages and other sensitive information. To avoid this, set your device from stealth mode to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. You should also turn off Bluetooth technology at the time, when not in use.

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