Apple has released a fix for Safari 121

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Vulnerability News
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Apple LogoApple released a patch 121 in the 6th version of the browser Safari. 117 of 121 newly discovered vulnerability found in the browser engine – WebKit. According to experts, most of the vulnerabilities discovered in the browser engine, allow cybercriminals to execute arbitrary code and force the robot to complete the application.

Apple also released a new patch, called “Close” XSS-vulnerability and the patch, which should solve the problem of access control. This vulnerability could allow an attacker to send any file from the victim’s computer to a remote server. Also released fix that solves the problem of auto-complete passwords. Autocomplete produced even if a site like function disabled. The company also released an update, closes XSS-vulnerability in the boot loader files, built-in browser.

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