Corrected a bug in Mozilla Private Browsing in Firefox 15

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Vulnerability News
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Firefox logoMozilla this week released the browser Firefox 15.0.1, where the bug has been eliminated, the use of which allows a web site to get information about users, even if the browser is operated in private browsing.

Private browsing mode or Private Browsing allows Firefox users visit sites at the same time denying the very sites to collect data about users.

According to Mozilla, as usual Firefox Private Browsing does not have to save the pages you view on your computer hard drive, as well as data retrieval forms, passwords, files to download, cookie and temporary files that are typically cache.

Bug in Firefox 15.0 led to the fact that the browser saves temporary files on the hard drive, rather than to keep them in memory and only during the current session. In contrast to the disk cache, the cache memory in the RAM used baruzerom is automatically deleted when leaving the page, even if the browser is open, while the cache file is present on your computer even after you close your browser.

According to Mozilla, this bug is present not only in Firefox 15, but also in development Firefox 16 and 17. The company also reported that when you upgrade to Firefox 15.0.1 does no longer save files to your hard drive, but the files that have been stored incorrectly, continue to be present on the disk and must be removed through the form of clearing the browser cache.

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