How dangerous the command line in Firefox 16?

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Vulnerability News
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Firefox logoIn new beta-version of the 16-th version of Firefox, appeared a command line is designed for developers of browser.

New option serves as the command center of development tools. It allows you to display and change the cookies, take screenshots, debug code, enable and disable extensions and perform other developer.

Is Firefox browser command line 16 threat to information security?

Any developer tools under certain circumstances may pose a potential danger, and the command line to Firefox no exception, as through it is theoretically possible to give the command to run the program itself and hidden from the user, or run another program. Hazard depends on whether it can be done through the command line deletion, copying and modification of important sites, is it possible to use potentially dangerous features of the operating system, and provides a further alert the user of the threatening action.

Command Prompt in the beta version of Firefox 16, appears to have greatly limited set of commands and parameters that do not have access to critical system objects and therefore can not be fully functional and is not currently a major threat. – However, one of the functions of the new options, there are those that can be claimed by hackers – the ability to take screenshots and save the results of the user. Special hazards likely to be to the possible vulnerability of the program and its components. So it will be – time will tell. For more precise conclusions will require additional study of new options to the fullest, officially published version of the browser.

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