What is “Phishing”

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Glossary
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PhishingPhishing – a type of the Internet fraud, which purpose — to obtain identification data of users. This includes stealing passwords, credit card numbers, bank account numbers and other confidential

Phishing is a fraudulent e-mail came to the notice from the banks, service providers, payment systems, and other organizations that, for whatever reason, the recipient urgently need to transfer / update your personal information. The reasons may be called different. This may be a loss of data, damage to the system and so on.

Criminal creates almost exact copy of the site selected bank. Next, using spam techniques to send the letter, drawn up in such a way as to be as similar to a real letter from the selected bank. Bank logos, names of real bank managers.

In this letter, as a rule, it is reported that due to the changing software in online banking system to the user to confirm or change your credentials. The reason for changing the data can be called out of order for the bank or an attack by hackers.

In all cases, the goal of these letters one – to force the user to click on the link provided, and then enter your private data on the wrong site of the bank.

In some cases, attackers are placed on such sites various exploits vulnerabilities MS Internet Explorer for the side installation on the computer users of any Trojans.

The appearance in late 2003, with the substitution of vulnerability exploits real URL led to a new type of phishing, known as spoofing.

In the case of this vulnerability attacked user can visually observe the real bank site address into your browser, but being himself with the site will be forged.

There is an international anti-phishing group, leading the statistics on phishing crimes. The archive of phishing attacks can be found at: www.antiphishing.org /phishing_archive.html

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