Utility DeepSound will hide a secret document in audio file

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Antivirus and Security Software
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DeepSound ScreenshotImagine that your hard drive contains several secret documents that you wish to hide from prying eyes. Most people in this situation, please use encryption, but this approach has a very serious flaw. Encrypted files are at least attract unnecessary attention and open about the user has secrets.

Freeware application DeepSound offers a more elegant way to solve the problem. Couple of clicks on the mouse, you can hide an important document in the audio file with a WAV or FLAC. This is a very common technique is called steganography and involves hiding important information in a harmless “container” in which might be a sound file or an image.

DeepSound application interface is simple and straightforward. You just need to specify the appropriate container file, select the documents you need to hide, and click on the “Encode”. All the rest of the program by yourself. If you feel the need for additional level of protection to encrypt the data before inserting them into the audiokonteyner. DeepSound offers the attention of users Strong 256-bit encryption algorithms AES, able to guarantee maximum security of sensitive information.

The resulting file can be placed in your personal digital music collection, or e-mail. Neither the attacker can not detect hidden therein. Created using DeepSound WAV and FLAC files retain their original functionality and can be played on any media player.

Unfortunately, the application is not without some drawbacks, the main one is the limited functionality of the integrated file browser. For example, with this tool you can open the files on the local drive, but the data stored on network drives are not available. However, the tool DeepSound certainly appeal to many users because of its compact size, high performance and ease of use.

DeepSound Scheme

The application runs on 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems Windows 7, Vista and XP. DeepSound 1.3 latest version can be downloaded from the developer – http://jpinsoft.net/

DeepSound Screenshot

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