Half of Android-devices have vulnerabilities

Posted: September 14, 2012 in IT Security News

Android HackedIn more than 50% Android-devices have serious vulnerabilities that remain uncorrected because mobile operators are often not in a hurry to release updates to the software, according to an expert in the field of mobile security.

“Since the launch of X-Ray (special Android-application that allows to check the system for vulnerabilities), we were able to collect data on more than 20 thousand Android-devices worldwide. Based on these data, in more than half of the analyzed devices running Android have vulnerabilities that can be exploited malicious applications or cyber-criminals ” – wrote in his blog, a specialist company Duo Security Jon Oberheide.

The expert noted that the vulnerability revealed by X-Ray, sufficiently serious. “For example, if the user installs malware or hackers to run malicious code through an exploit in a Web page, the unit can be fully controlled by criminals” – warns Oberhayde.

Vulnerabilities may remain on the devices for months, and even years, as mobile operators are “very conservative” in the issue of release of patches to correct these errors in Android. First, it is very expensive, and, in addition, operators are simply not interested in correcting vulnerabilities and update the software on the device works. If an attacker compromises that gadget to exploit this vulnerability, an operator does not carry any responsibility, says the expert.

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