Protecting the computer system from hacking

Posted: September 14, 2012 in Articles
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Protect Your ComputerIn general, software for any universal computer system consists of three main components: the operating system, network software and the database management system (DBMS). Therefore any attempt to crack the protection of computer systems can be divided into three groups:

Attacks on the operating system;
Attacks at the network software;
Attacks on the level of database management systems.

The above methods of hacker attack on a computer system are the most common and are described in general terms. Generalized model for hacking computer systems can formulate universal rules that should be followed to minimize the risk.

  • Keep up with the hackers: Always be aware of the latest developments in the field of computer security. Subscribe to the more specialized journals that cover fully the question of protection of computer systems from hacking. Regularly review materials posted on hacking servers Internet.
  • Please refer to the principle of reasonable sufficiency: do not try to build an absolutely reliable protection. Powerful protection consumes a lot of resources computer system.
  • Keep secret information about the principles of defense mechanisms computer system. The less a hacker knows about these principles, the harder it will be for him to organize a successful attack.
  • Try to limit the maximum size of the protected network and unless absolutely necessary, do not allow it to connect to Internet.
  • Before you invest money in the purchase of new software, look for information about it available on the hacker’s server Internet.
  • Server is located in controlled facilities. Plugging in a keyboard and monitor to access these servers is carried out only through the network.
  • Absolutely all messages transmitted over unsecured communication channels must be encrypted and digitally signed.
  • If the protected computer network is connected to an unsecured network, all messages sent to this network, or taken from it must pass through the firewall, encrypted and digitally signed.
  • Do not neglect the opportunities offered by the audit. The interval between sessions view the audit trail should not exceed one day.
  • If it appears that the number of events placed in a audit trail, an unusually large study carefully all the new entries. because it was possible that the computer system was attacked by a hacker who is trying to cover up the traces of his attacks recorded in the audit trail.
  • Regularly check the integrity of the software the computer system. Check it for any program bookmarks.
  • Logs all changes to security policies in a traditional paper magazine. Regularly checks the security policy to the registered in this journal. This will help to detect the presence of backdoors, if it was implemented by a hacker’s computer system.
  • Use a secure operating system.
  • Create a few traps for hackers (eg, get a disk file with a tempting name, which can not be read by conventional means, and if successful will be fixed address to the file, then the protected computer system was introduced backdoors).
  • Regularly test your computer system with the help of special programs designed to determine the degree of protection against hacker attacks.

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