More than 20% of spam comes from India

Posted: September 17, 2012 in IT Security News

Stop spamCompanies Entensys and CommTouch prepare an Internet threats in the second quarter of 2012. The product contains statistics and interesting facts from the scope of spam, phishing and virus attacks.

Distributors of malware, spammers and phishers are beginning to exploit the hacked websites. Methods attackers are not limited to unsophisticated capture control of resources, leading to emergency lock. Cybercriminals through various plugins and scripts operate on the basis of sites with good reputation. So they know the login credentials are making the transition to ad sites and download viruses on users’ workstations.

The overall level of spam has stabilized (or slightly below) and was 91 billion emails a day. The share of junk mail in the global e-mail traffic of 76%, which is only one percent higher than the previous quarter. A year ago, at this period, the percentage of spam emails was 96%.

List of those junk e-mail does not undergo significant changes have a significant period of time. In the last quarter of the first place in the ranking again “pharmaceutical” spam (43%). Then follow “suggestions to improve and increase” (16.3%), “copies or reproductions” (11.8%), “teen” (7.8%) and “sex” (5.3%).

The analysis used by spammers mail domains again proved an indisputable leadership TOP-15 was not without popular social networks AOL, Yahoo, Facebook, Linkedln, MySpace.

A surprising drop porn experts have observed in the second quarter. This category of adult sites are not just left a leadership position, and flew out of the “dozens.” Not so rapid, but a significant rise from ninth to third failed site associated with the business.

1. Education
2. Travel
3. Business
4. Entertainment
5. Restaurants and food
6. Sport
7. Leisure and recreation
8. Health and Medicine
9. Beauty and Fashion
10. Streaming media and downloads

Entensys experts and CommTouch made top 10 categories of sites which are often in the second quarter of 2012, with phishing pages.

1. Portals
2. Beauty and Fashion
3. Sport
4. Shopping
5. Education
6. Business
7. Art
8. Streaming media and downloads
9. Computers and Technology
10. Travel

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