Spammers spread the links to Blackhole

Posted: September 17, 2012 in IT Security News
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Stop spamMalicious messages contain a variety of important information to the user, often related to circulation of money.

According to research firm Websense, recently through spam on the Internet spread links to a set of exploits Blackhole.

According to experts, Blackhole is distributed worldwide through spam e-mail messages using a variety of schemes. In one case under the guise of spam distributed notification of a voice mail that came from servers Microsoft Exchange. In the second – the potential victims receive letters of thanks for a subscription to the premium service on the resource In the third – users get different notifications claiming to be from the service of automatic data processing (ADP).

Also, most of the notifications come in the name of proven services and try to focus on the potential victim important issues – in particular, relating to various transactions with cash.

As the researchers note, e-mail messages contain links to resources to distribute a set of exploits Blackhole 2.0, which appeared recently.

Read more about notifying Websense researchers can be found here

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