iOS 6 hacked a day after release

Posted: September 20, 2012 in IT Security News
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No sooner had the new items will appear in the online store, as hackers have developed a mechanism for its breaking.

The company Apple did not have time officially release a new mobile operating system iOS 6, as hackers have developed a mechanism for its breaking.

To access the device attackers used the program redsn0w, created by a group of iPhone Dev Team, which enabled to hack the operating system for smartphones iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod touch players to the fourth generation.

Breaking mechanism allows you to download content from the online store Cydia, but the utility to work with the service user needs to install yourself. In addition, the procedure must be repeated breaking every time you reboot your device.

Recall that on Tuesday, September 19, the online store Apple App Store is now available for download mobile operating system iOS 6. Novelty is compatible with smartphones iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad tablets second and third generation, and iPod touch players, the fourth generation. On the smartphone iPhone 5 iOS 6 will be installed by default.

The new operating system includes more than 200 changes. One of the major changes is that the development of a new operating system, Apple has refused to use the application Google Maps, replacing it with its own map service.

In addition, nearly all embedded applications iOS 6 will interact with Facebook. Users automatically receive access to a list of “friends”, calendar entries on the “wall” and a personal message in the social network. Voice assistant Siri can freely publish any spoken’s message on Facebook gadget in the first team. Siri also got an extensive list of supported countries and languages ​​- Canada (English and French Canadian), China (Mandarin), Hong Kong (Cantonese), Italy (Italian), Korea (Korean) Mexico (Spanish), Spain (Spanish) Switzerland (Italian, French, German), Taiwan (Mandarin) and Spanish (U.S.).

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