Mobile antivirus AVAST was sending paid SMS

Posted: September 20, 2012 in IT Security News
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AvastA few days ago, an independent expert in the field of information security, Bohdan Alec said there was a mobile version of the popular anti-virus software avast! Mobile Security serious errors that could result in sending paid SMS-messages without notifying the user.

According to the blog entry, the error was detected during the testing of a new version of the application on your own phone. So, check the balance, he found nedosdachu at 12 euro cents. Later it turned out that the amount was deducted for sending messages to the number registered in the Czech Republic to the AVAST. And the room itself in the phone book was not a specialist.

Upon further analysis, Mr Alec discovered that not alone: ​​the same feature of your phone after you install antivirus noticed some more users. About the defect immediately informed vendor.

As it turned out, the error was the fact that the message is sent only in the case of forming the query. However, it is unpleasant to realize that if they press a certain key combination phone starts to send messages without the user’s knowledge. However, the developers have assured that the fix will be released as soon as possible.

The situation was explained marketing director avast! Miloslav Korenko: “The fact that the function of sending messages to change SIM cards is really present in the new version of anti-virus application. However, the purpose of its introduction was the fact that users of stolen handsets can optionally remember about the new owner and contact them. Ideally, the message should go to the emergency room the previous owner of the phone. “

He also said that the update will include another patch, which already teaches that the owner of a smartphone can have multiple SIM cards. In this case, the notification will be sent only once.

Meanwhile, experts have already tested the update and said that everything is working correctly.

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