PayPal is a favourite target of phishers

Posted: September 20, 2012 in IT Security News
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phishing paypalFraudsters send users a fake notification about refund.

Experts from Hoax-Slayer fixed in the network fake letter allegedly from members of the PayPal payment system for the return of a specific payment.

In a letter to the user is prompted to follow a link to confirm their credentials and make a refund.

Those users who click on the link in the email, get to the page created by phishers. The credentials that you enter on this page are sent attackers. As a consequence, the latter can access a user account in PayPal.

paypal refund scam

In Hoax-Slayer said: “PayPal is a favorite target of hackers, as the service spends most of its operations through e-mail.”

However, experts note that distinguish real messages from fraudulent payment system is easy, because PayPal never specifies links and provides users with file attachments.

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