Spam campaign in Twitter informs the user about the video with his participation in Facebook

Posted: September 24, 2012 in IT Security News
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Twitter spamMessage contains a link to a fake life, the transition to which the victim’s computer becomes a participant in a botnet.

Tags: Twitter, spam, Facebook

As the expert of GFI Labs Chris Boyd, in Twitter discovered a new spam campaign, distributing links to malicious resources under the guise of placing notices in the social network Facebook video file, which allegedly depicted the user to be notified.

A message sent on behalf of the users of the microblogging with a great name, “you are now famous,” leads to a fake page in the social network Facebook. To view the proposed form, the user must log in to Twitter. Once the user, without knowing it, pass their credentials attackers, he is redirected to a fake page Facebook, which allegedly contained the victim’s interests video. However, to view video site offers a user to first install or update your player YouTube.

According to the researcher, rather than the software on the victim’s computer is loaded sample malware Umbra, which creates in infected system hidden files, runs a number of executable files and turns your computer into a botnet participant. More information available here

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