Apple smartphones and tablets are not safe

Posted: September 29, 2012 in IT Security News
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Apple spyNatalya Kaspersky, CEO Infowatch, said that Apple secretly videotape, send data to Apple.

Natalia Kasperskaya is certain that Apple smartphones and tablets are not safe because their functional includes spying on users, in particular photo and videotaping.

Infowatch Director General Natalia Kasperskaya, said in an interview with CNews, that Apple has conducted illegal surveillance of users, pointing to the known her research:

“As mobile devices Apple, as well as smartphones and tablets on competing platforms built software that collects and analyzes information about the user, his movements, with possible video and photo cameras and reading the images and sends the collected information to the manufacturer of … I want to draw attention to the following fact: against Apple was filed about 20 lawsuits from the U.S. and a class action lawsuit from 27,000 South Koreans accused of tracking users. In this case, of any court decisions we have not heard, all the cases have been jammed. So it is beneficial to someone. “

If you believe the statement Natalya Kaspersky, existing Apple features allow surveillance and conduct photo and video surveillance of the owners of the iPhone and iPad. Undoubtedly, this is a very valuable tool in the hands of special services, and, if the charges CEO Infowatch are true, this information may have a significant impact on the reputation of the American company and, as a result, the sales of its products.

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