Sophos released a new Mobile Security for Android

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Antivirus and Security Software
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Sophos Mobile SecuritySophos has officially introduced a new version of its product Sophos Mobile Security, which serves to protect Android-devices from viruses and theft of personal information.

In addition, Sophos Mobile Security for Android provides additional protective measures in the event of loss of the device. The new version of Sophos Mobile Security implemented new features such as scanning for new data on viruses from the cloud.

Traditional anti-virus and malware scanning is performed by new applications at the time of installation. Scan previously installed software, and can be in memory, and SD-card, and removable USB-carriers. The application is supported by the “gray list” of applications, representing a potential threat, and in the list of trusted applications added a new category: PUA (Potentially Unwanted Apps). Cloud service company Sophos helps users immediately receive timely information about new viruses to test the device to their presence.

Developer website

To protect against loss or theft of the device Sophos Mobile Security supports receiving commands from the preset phone numbers via text SMS-messages. It also supports remote wipe and lock any of your Android-device. To search for devices within earshot realize the remote command to activate a loud signal. It also supports the display of a special message for the device have found the technology location tracking system, as well as information about new SIM-card in the machine.

Protection of personal data, the system Sophos Mobile Security provides by identifying the applications that have access to private information such as the address book. In addition, the system can detect applications that can consume paid services without your knowledge (and deduct money from the user’s account). Finally, Sophos Mobile Security can make a list of actionable recommendations to improve the safety of the device and the information in its memory (changing the number of parameters of the system and Android apps).

The updated package Sophos Mobile Security is now available in the official App Store Play Market, and completely free. Developers from Sophos emphasize that the user may at any time safely removed their application as soon as it seems unnecessary.

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