USSD Control protects your smartphone running Android

Posted: October 6, 2012 in Antivirus and Security Software, IT Security News
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ESET LogoAntivirus company Eset released a special free application USSD Control, which is designed to address vulnerabilities in the smartphone operating system Android.

USSD – it codes for commands used by handset manufacturers and carriers for easy customer support. Code always begins with an asterisk (*) and ends with hash (#). By entering a specific code on the phone, you can, for example, to see the device IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). USSD-code for the command: * # 06 #. Other codes indicate a variety of information on the balance of the phone up to the weather.

The security vulnerability of smartphones running Android allows cybercriminals to remotely erase data from the phone when the user goes over insecure links, or QR code. ESET company active in the area of ​​information security, the mobile device platform Android, and thus became one of the first providers of antivirus software, developed the defense as a free standalone application ESET USSD Control on Google Play.

After installing this program, the user must ensure that the application works correctly. It is recommended to use the test USSD, proposed experts Eset. Application is blocking the command, displaying the smartphone box warning every time a malicious USSD-code.

USSD Control Press Releases

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