Under the guise of antivirus Panda Cloud AV spreads Trojan

Posted: October 10, 2012 in IT Security News
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Malware Trojan HorseRecently, cybercriminals are increasingly using the brands of antivirus companies for their own purposes, masquerading as anti-virus solutions of the malicious software. Once again, the victim of such an action is the company Panda Security. Under the guise of cloud antivirus Panda Cloud AV can be a Trojan DarkAngle.

According to PandaLabs technical director Luis Corrons, the main functions of this Trojan is to collect any information that is stored on the victim’s computer. For this, the malware uses any means even a microphone or webcam to record a video or audio track, and then send to the owner. Besides the Trojan may serve as a loader for other malicious software .

But that’s not all. DarkAngle designed in such a way that the usual way to find it will be difficult. The fact that he can remove the executable processes, rebooting with the system, which makes it invisible to anti-virus applications. In order to bypass scanners cloud services, its file size increases to 20 MB.

Note that this is not the first time that Panda Cloud AVstanovilos as a vehicle for malware. Last year, under the guise of the application spread trojan that got into the system starts checking the computer for various viruses. As a result, the user is notified that his system is infected by a huge number of viruses, and to treat it is necessary to buy a license for this program.

According to Mr. Corrons, unlike similar programs, this Trojan has spread itself functions and therefore its delivery can be employed by any other methods, such as file-sharing resources or junk messages.

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