Cisco Systems – a world leader in networking technologies for the Internet

Posted: October 12, 2012 in IT Companies
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Cisco logoCisco Systems, Inc. – a world leader in networking technologies for the Internet. Cisco solutions connect people, computing devices and computer networks and allow people to receive and impart information regardless of location, time, and computer systems.

Cisco Systems, Inc. was founded in 1984 by a group of computer scientists from Stanford University. The main achievement of Cisco engineers in the history of the company is the development of IP – language used on the Internet and private networks. The tradition of innovation lives on in the company and today: Cisco Systems creates advanced products and technologies to make the Internet more useful and ensure its rapid development in the years ahead. Among these technologies – switches and routers, next generation voice and video protocol over IP, optical networking, wireless, storage networking, information security, broadband access and content delivery networks.

The total number of employees is approximately 12,100 people. About 7,000 of them working in Bay Aria (San Francisco).

Cisco Systems Inc.

Today, the company Cisco Systems is developing its business in three main areas:

  • Solutions for enterprise networks: working with large organizations, makes serious demands for complex networks, and, given the volume of information flow, using different types of computer networks. Typically, these customers have a number of Cisco branches and offices, often remote from each other. This group of clients include major government agencies, corporations, educational structures.
  • Solutions for Service Providers: working with companies that provide delivery of information services, including telecommunications. It is this business model includes the activities of Cisco Internet services market. The company collaborates with leading Internet-providers and organizations developing wireless communication interface.
  • Solutions for Small and Medium Business: This will include services offered by Cisco Systems, for companies in need of their own online databases, as well as to connect to the Internet, but without permanent sections responsible for these services. Cisco Systems offers affordable, robust networking solutions for enterprises of all sizes – regardless of the degree of development of the enterprise structure the company can offer products capable of with maximum efficiency to be included in the workflow, to expand the boundaries of the firm and organizational techniques to provide access to the required information to remote branches, departments and employees of the company.

One important difference Cisco Systems from other providers of information technology is a strategy that aims to refuse approval of priority one particular technology over another. The company does not base their decisions on the basis of the only alternative – the customer should always have a choice.

Cisco develops integrated solutions to help customers create their own integrated information infrastructure or access to the networks of others. Cisco is a leader in the consumer services for network design, implementation and support.

Cisco Systems, Inc. – Latest News

Contact Cisco Systems, Inc.

170 West Tasman Dr.
San Jose, CA 95134
(408) 526-4000
(800) 553-NETS
(800) 553-6387

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