Oracle Corporation – the largest producer of business software

Posted: October 13, 2012 in IT Companies
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Oracle LogoOracle Corporation – one of the largest U.S. companies, the developer of database management systems, tools for database development, and ERP-systems. Dates back to 1977, has branches in more than 145 countries around the world.

For thirty years, Oracle Corporation is the largest producer of business software, offering applications and services that enable organizations to derive maximum advantage from the most current and accurate information provided by their business systems.

Oracle software has three main product families Corporation: Database Management System Oracle Database, complex middleware and the Oracle Fusion Middleware family of full-featured business applications Oracle Applications. Oracle Corporation provides its products and services in the areas of consulting, training and support in more than 145 countries worldwide.

Oracle Corporation: Web Site

Oracle Corporation

Reliability, safety, performance, comfort. This is the main thing that characterizes Oracle products over many years. Most important – it is for the database, which has become today almost obligatory part of any serious information system. But not only are these characteristics make Oracle products to maintain leadership in the database market. Rapidly developing information technologies require the extension of the classical modern DBMS functionality only for the storage and processing of data. Moving with the times, Oracle essentially breaks the established views on the database, giving it more and more new features.

At the moment, Oracle helps a growing number of government and commercial organizations in the world to get the most out of the available information, based on three principles: simplification, standardization and automation. Oracle software is used by more than 275,000 companies around the world, from small and midsize businesses to global corporations.

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