Symantec Corporation – world leader in Internet secure technology

Posted: October 14, 2012 in IT Companies
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Symantec CorpAmerican company Symantec Corporation, the world leader in Internet secure technology, was established in 1982 and has offices in 40 countries.

The company offers a wide range of hardware and software security solutions for a system of private users and small and large businesses. Software Symantec Corporation is actively used in more than 180 countries worldwide. The company – the owner of more than 1,200 patents.

Symantec Corporation is a leading developer of solutions for virus protection, controls vulnerabilities, intrusion detection systems, software filtering Internet content and e-mail, remote access technologies and management. Symantec gathers malicious code data from 120 million systems and scans more than 30% of global e-mail traffic. Center for Analysis of Security Symantec Security Operations Centers examines and compares the emerging threats, which helps customers to quickly prepare for new attacks by viruses and hackers.

Symantec – Web Site

Symantec Corporation

Research Laboratory of Symantec – a global research organization, which plays a leading role in the development and commercialization of technologies blocking rootkit protection of Internet browsers and respond to the modification of existing security threats. Own anti-spam technology to proactively prevent the spread of malware via email users.

Video introduces us to the Corporation Symantec.

Software Symantec Corporation:

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection – endpoint protection of physical and virtual systems from all types of attacks.
  • The family of Symantec Protection Suite – a universal set of tools to protect the most important resources of small, medium and large businesses.
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition – a single integrated product to protect servers, laptops and desktops from viruses, spyware and malware.
  • Symantec Protection Suite Advanced Business Edition – a universal set of tools to protect the most important assets of the company – desktop computers and servers.
  • Symantec Protection Suite Small Business Edition – easy-to-use software package to protect critical business applications and data from various types of attacks.
  • Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition – a comprehensive product that combines effective protection of information systems, mail servers, and web-based resources from all kinds of attacks including viruses, spam, adware, and spyware.

Software Norton:

  • Norton 360 – Comprehensive automated protection for workstations, files, and identity of virus and spyware.
  • Norton Internet Security – comprehensive protection against viruses, leakage of personal data and espionage during the internet activity.
  • Norton AntiVirus – blocking Trojans, worms, viruses, spyware, rootkits and other Internet threats.
  1. Jillian says:

    This blog does offer useful tools for individuals to use to keep their software protected and safe. For businesses though, a network security system will monitor their network and server, and identify any potential threats before they become major.

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