Trojan Loozfon aimed at women users Android-devices

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Vulnerability News
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Android HackedThe malware steals the victim’s phone number and contact list, which is stored on the mobile device.

Representatives of the company Symantec documented Trojan, which is aimed at women users Android-devices. Victims of a malicious program called Loozfon become a resident of Japan.

Initially, the potential victim receives an e-mail inviting them to earn easy money online, or to meet a rich man.

In a letter to offer users to follow a link, when clicked, the device is installed on a fake application «Will you win?», Containing a Trojan. In Symantec noted that the application does not have anything to do with drawing money or to meet wealthy men.

“If the app is installed and launched, it counts down from two to zero and then states that the user has lost. The app is programmed to lose every time, although there is nothing to either lose or win ” – the experts Symantec.

Malicious activity Trojan is that it steals your contact list, which is stored in the user’s phone and phone number. The stolen data is sent to the developers of malicious applications.

Symantec report is available here .

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