Virus FinFisher, developed by Gamma International

Posted: October 16, 2012 in IT Security News, Security Notices
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Malware Trojan HorseAntivirus company F-Secure received a sample of “elusive” Trojan FinFisher

The researchers conducted an analysis of five malicious e-mails sent by the activists in Bahrain.

One of the most popular tools in the world of cyber-espionage – virus FinFisher, developed by Gamma International, into the hands of the researcher Mikko Hypponen of the anti-virus company F-Secure.

Conduct analysis of malicious software managed by the employee publication Bloomberg, who passed five experts malicious e-mails addressed to the pro-democracy movement in Bahrain.

“We know that it exists, but we have never seen it – you can compare it with a rare diamond” – said Hypponen.

Note that in 2011, human rights activists and experts on information security carefully studied all that is associated with the malware trying to find out the potential problem of abuse of the software. Thus, it became known that the conduct surveillance exploited a vulnerability in iTunes.

Results of the analysis of experts published on web-site Research Center The Munk School of Global Affairs (Munk) at the University of Toronto.

“The aim of this work is the identification and classification of the malware that will help you better understand the capabilities of the attackers, as well as the risk to the victim surveillance” – from the report the researchers.

View the Munk report here.

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