American businessmen are not happy with insurance against cyber attacks

Posted: October 17, 2012 in IT Security News
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National Cyber Security AllianceIf we believe the study of National Cyber ​​Security Alliance (NCSA), conducted at the request of Symantec, 65% of small business owners believe that the Internet is an essential tool for success.

However, about a quarter of women who own their own business, questioned during “National Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month”, not sure of their protection against the risks associated with that environment. This is the conclusion reached by researchers insurer The Travelers Companies.

“Considering 40 percent of cyber attacks are against organizations with fewer than 500 employees3, it is imperative that we help small business owners understand cyber risks,”– said Marc Schmittlein, President and CEO of Small Commercial at Travelers. “As one of the nation’s largest insurers, we feel an obligation to help entrepreneurs prepare for and prevent cyber and other insurable risks as well as to recommend solutions to this important group of job creators and economic contributors.”

According to data obtained at the conference of the National Association of Women business, 42% of respondents do not believe that they have enough insurance to cover the costs if you have problems related to the protection of computer information.

Insurance for hacking a computer network long interested American consumers, but even more the problem began discussing the hacker Alberto Gonzales went into an unprotected wireless network DSW shoe stores and through this connection entered into a common internal system of the company. From there, he stole the card numbers, personal information 1.4 million customers. Partially significant costs DSW hoped offset by an insurance policy, which was granted by National Union Fire Insurance Company (NUFIC). This policy specifically addresses the issue of computer fraud.

However, NUFIC decided not to pay all the money, saying that the compensation of the losses have been recorded in the policy. Experts argued that no theft has happened. As a result, followed by a long trial, after which NUFIC still had to make up for the loss.

Perhaps because of that, American businessmen and women see themselves as vulnerable. Indeed, cyber-insurance did not guarantee the protection of assets.

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