DDoS-attack – Distributed Denial of service

Posted: October 17, 2012 in Glossary
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DDoS attack alertDDoS-attack – Distributed Denial of service, which is one of the most common and dangerous network attacks.

In attack disrupted or completely blocked service attacks, network, systems and other resources. Most DDoS-attacks exploit vulnerabilities in the core protocol Internet (TCP / IP), namely, the method of processing systems request SYN.

There are two main types of attacks that cause a denial of service

  • As a result of the attack of the first type, stops the entire system or network. Hacker sends system data or packets that it does not expect, and it stops the system or it is rebooted.
  • The second type of DDoS-attacks cause an overflow of the system or network with a huge amount of information that can not be processed.

DDoS-attack is in continuous circulation to the site of many computers that are located in different parts of the world. Most of these computers are infected with viruses, which are managed centrally and scammers are joined in a single botnet. Computers that are part of botnet, sending spam, participating thus in DDoS-attacks.

Methods of protection against DDOS attacks

Today, there are several methods to protect the server against DDOS attacks. If you want the server that is under your control, as little as possible exposed to this type of attack, you have to learn two simple rules.

  • First, you must always be prevented on the software. Secondly, we should not neglect the disguise IP addresses.
  • In addition, trying to protect your computer against DDOS, the user must take care that the right has been configured functions: antiddos and anti spoofing. Such functions are configured in two places: on firewalls and routers.

DDos AttackThese procedures will help to protect the server from sudden reboots due to the fact that the half-open channels receive limited.

To reduce the likelihood of a successful DDOS attacks by hackers, having to make the operating system upgrade, as well as your environment.

All current methods of protection against DDOS attacks are divided into four groups according to the technology used. Technology, which is based on this protection, are: active, passive, reactive and proactive.

Prevent DDOS attacks can also be due to server capacity. The more power, the wider channel. The wider the channel, the more difficult it will be to hackers to download it. There is a possibility that in the event of a powerful hardware power DDOS attack simply just is not enough for you to bring the server down.

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