Facebook to provide users with anti-virus software for mobile devices

Posted: October 17, 2012 in IT Security News
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FacebookFacebook is adding eight companies to the five it already has on board to provide users with anti-virus protection.

The largest social network Facebook expands section AV Marketplace, where users are offered to download anti-virus software, by adding seven more products development companies. In addition, users have the ability to download from the site of the social network anti-virus software for tablet computers and smartphones. This was reported in a dedicated information security blog Facebook.

Recall that there is a section AV Marketplace on Facebook in April 2012. Through this section, users can download the full version of the popular antivirus programs for free, but only for a limited period, after which he issued a paid subscription.

Currently AV Marketplace contains about 20 anti-virus programs for personal computers, Mac computers and mobile devices. In the mobile section until there are only two software solutions – McAfee Mobile Security and Norton Mobile Security Lite, designed for smartphones and tablets based on Android.

Earlier, as a partner in Facebook developers included such as Symantec, Microsoft, Sophos, TrendMicro and McAfee. Today they are joined by seven companies: “Kaspersky Lab” avast!, AVG, Avira, Panda, Total Defense and Webroot.

“Our new partners will provide the latest software and a wealth of information,” – said in a blog post Facebook.

Collaborating with Facebook companies will address issues of protection of users from suspicious links and spam. In addition, the developers of social network partners to make additional database “black list” URL-address in which the experts are making Facebook malicious web-page. The companies will also provide users with social networking recommendations for the protection cyberhawks.

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