VirusTotal Scanner 2.0 – scan users’ files with 40 antivirus

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Antivirus and Security Software
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VirusTotal ScannerMany users are familiar service, with which you can quickly check any files on the PC hard disk.

Just upload a suspicious object on the server, and it will be subjected to a thorough analysis using more than 40 anti-virus engines from leading manufacturers including GData, AVG, Avira, Kaspersky. In the proposed solution has its drawbacks. For example, according to many users, file transfer can take up too much time. Tool called VirusTotal Scanner solves this problem and allows you to avoid downloading the file itself.

The proposed product is extremely easy to use drag and drop the object you are interested in working in the application window. Then click “VirusTotal Scan” and within seconds your attention will be offered a standard report VirusTotal, which includes an overall assessment of the individual and the verdict each online Antivirus.

The figure “0/41” at the beginning of the report indicates the absence of threat. Otherwise, you will be able to more thoroughly examine the scan and find out which of the application reports of possible danger. Of course, users should not blindly trust the results of the check. Because the use of dozens of different anti-virus greatly increases the likelihood of false positives.

The secret of your application lies in the handling of the selected file. As explained by the developers, VirusTotal Scanner calculates the hash sum of the selected object and sends it to the server VirusTotal relatively short line of text, instead of sending the whole file. Observers from the site SoftwareCrew confirm exceptional application performance. According to the results of the testing, inspection or file size of 7.28 MB took only a few seconds.

VirusTotal Scanner is a portable application that requires no installation. Just unzip the contents of zip-archive in the selected folder and run the executable. However, if you intend to use the tool on a regular basis, its installation on the hard drive will give you a few additional benefits, such as integration with the “conductor» Windows Explorer. To scan the selected file, simply click the right mouse button and select “VirusTotal Scanner” from the menu.

VirusTotal Scanner

The utility works with the operating systems Windows 7, Vista and XP. A newer version of VirusTotal Scanner 2.0 is a free download from the developer

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