McAfee checked risks in the French sector of the Internet

Posted: October 24, 2012 in IT Security News
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McAfee logoOver the past three quarters experts McAfee analyzed about 150 thousand suspicious URL, linked to the French resources. 73% of them had been given the status of high risk. About 70% of these internet addresses used by hackers to host malware, 20% are phishers, 6% – the spammers.

All URL, be monitored, tied to around 50 thousand domain names. McAfee checked every month in the French segment of over 10 thousand suspicious domains, of which about 2.7 thousand are new.

Over the past period, the experts found on French resources over 8 thousand malicious objects, ready to attack visitors. Most of them are detected by McAfee security solutions as Generic.dx and HTML / IFrame.L Trojan. On computers that are most common French Conficker / Kido, ZeroAccess, worm Bactera, various PUP (potentially unwanted programs), daunloudery and adware.

The main targets of phishers in France are eBay, Paypal, Wells-Fargo, American Express, VISA France, provider of information services LexisNexis, a European dating site Meetic and American outsourcing company ADP, providing online recruitment services and payroll in the French market. From local companies phishers interested in the first place, the banks (BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole, La Banque Postale) and cameramen (Orange / France Telecom, SFR, Free), as well as customers of the largest power producer Electricité de France and the hosting provider Wistee.

The flow of spam coming from France, this year and stay relatively stable at 28-31 million messages per day. The only splash marked McAfee, was in the 2nd quarter. The number of new members of botnets that distribute junk email, is reduced. The main generators of spam are now Cutwail and Festi.


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