Android-device “under fire”

Posted: October 25, 2012 in IT Security News
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Android HackedIn the third quarter of this year, the number of attacks on the mobile platform has increased by 488%.

As the researchers report of Trend Micro, in the third quarter of this year, hackers have targeted the mobile platform Android, increasing the number of attacks by 488%. As compared to June, in September, the number of incidents increased from 30 thousand to 175 thousand

According to the report of experts, the most common type of infection Android-devices are malware disguised as popular applications. “Such software can steal user data transfer control device attacker or perform costly calls,” twirling “accounts for telephone calls” – the researchers Trend Micro.

The experts also found that for the period increased the number of cases of “aggressive adware” and able to not only allowed the user data, but also confidential.

According to specialists, the increasing number of attacks due to the popularity of the Android users.

“The explosive growth of malicious software for mobile devices is quite natural. Android has always been the dominant operating system for smartphones. Of course, criminals who are knowledgeable about the situation in the mobile market, did not fail to use it to make money. Unlike computers, mobile devices contain location data subscriber, dialed numbers, and the information about it, you can sell, “– said the director of technology Trend Micro Raimund Genes.

According to experts, cyber criminals interest to the mobile platform Android in the near future not only reduced, but, on the contrary, will increase. “It appears that for the foreseeable future, this unhealthy interest cybercriminals Android continue. In any case, as long as not made the necessary fundamental changes in the infrastructure and the important lessons learned in the field of security at the operating system, “- said the director of research and corporate communications at Trend Micro Rik Ferguson.

The expert’s report is available here.

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