The company Fortinet announced the release of FortiOS 5.0

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Antivirus and Security Software, IT Security News
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FortiOS 5.0

The update contains a number of new features for security and intelligent control that can help business customers more effectively with the latest sophisticated threats and protect data in use by employees of personal devices for business purposes.

In addition to releasing a new version of the operating system FortiOS 5.0 devices FortiGate, Fortinet announced the release of FortiManager 5.0, FortiAnalyzer 5.0 and FortiClient 5.0, which meet the growing need for more complex control systems and the analysis of the network infrastructure and endpoint activity for large, medium and small businesses.

New FortiOS 5.0 includes over 150 new features, through which customers can reliably protect against new threats and the exponential growth of new mobile devices and applications.

Key features and benefits:

  • More security mechanisms that can withstand the new sophisticated threats.
  • The “reputation of the client”, allowing us to obtain the combined safety rating of each device in the network based on behavioral analysis. Provides a system of decision-making information on specific actions that can detect compromised endpoints, and potential zero-day attacks in real time.
  • New innovative system to protect against malicious code have built-in mechanisms of heuristic analysis, and connection to the cloud antivirus services, which include reputation database on IP and the “sandbox.”
  • Possessing one of the most high-signatures in the industry, FortiOS 5.0 provides unrivaled multi-layered protection against the latest sophisticated malware attacks.
  • More control, which allows for data security in an environment BYOD with various mobile devices, thanks to accurate identification and application of access policies and special security profiles, depending on the type of device, its location and activity.
  • More intelligent machines with automatic application of policies for user roles and visitors, given the location, profile data, and device applications.
  • Advanced reporting and analysis offers administrators more precise data about users, devices, applications, and threats to the corporate network.


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