Three new products from Trend Micro came in app store for Windows 8

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Antivirus and Security Software
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Trend Micro

Three new products

Trend Micro has announced the release of three new products and placing them in the official app store for the operating system Windows 8.

In particular, Windows users will have access to a package of Trend Micro SafeGuard (especially secure browser), Trend Micro Go Everywhere (protection against theft or loss of the device) and Trend Micro DirectPass (storage of passwords with online access).

In addition, the company announced the upgrade of its technology in Titanium, which provides protection of personal data when communicating and sharing information with friends and family.

Package Trend Micro SafeGuard is a web-browser with a high level of protection that is optimized for tablets running Windows 8. Users of this product will be able to instantly see the reputation score of sites listed in the search results. The browser Trend Micro SafeGuard provides personal information security in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+. Trend Micro SafeGuard package can be downloaded for free from the Windows Store. In addition, the browser is included in the subscription Titanium.

Package Trend Micro Go Everywhere, which will also be available at the store Windows Store, is a convenient solution to protect tablets running Windows 8 from theft and loss. In particular, the package Trend Micro Go Everywhere supports instant positioning plate. Which would not have lost a tablet, a book next to a sofa, or on the seat of a taxi, the package Trend Micro Go Everywhere allows the owner to see the current location of the device on the map Google, or search by the sound duration of one minute. It is worth noting that this product Trend Micro protects users and tablets, and laptops running Windows 8. The beta version of this product will be available for free until the official release, and available free of charge to subscribers of the service Titanium Maximum Security.

Package Trend Micro DirectPass, which should appear in Windows Store in the very near future, is available in two versions – for tablets with the Windows RT and PC. This free product provides password synchronization, and management of passwords. Saved passwords are encrypted in the online store and create an additional level of security for banking and financial transactions, the user. In addition to these basic features, the package Trend Micro DirectPass offers a convenient synchronization between multiple devices to the user via the cloud, providing convenient password management at work, at home and on the go.

In addition to new products for Windows 8, Trend Micro showed significant upgrade to its flagship product for the individual user – service Titanium. Subscription service Trend Micro Titanium, gives access to a whole set of security tools, helps relieve the user of concern for the security of personal data to communicate with family and colleagues via the Internet. Thus, the module Titanium Privacy Scanner for Facebook lets you determine exactly what personal information is visible to other users in the social network profile, and to whom. In addition, users of the service now Titanium can quickly identify dangerous links in a variety of popular social networks, including Google+ and Sina Weibo.

Trend Micro Titanium modules take up less space on your hard disk than many competing products, which should have a positive impact on the speed. The service Trend Micro Titanium helps securely share files of a personal nature with your loved ones using cloud storage Trend Micro SafeSync (included in the subscription Titanium Maximum Security). This store offers up to 5GB of space to sync and save photos, music, videos and other important files.

Another important feature of the service Titanium – parents can easily monitor their children’s spending time on the Internet, leaving them enough freedom. For example, service Titanium offers powerful content filtering and restricting access to applications, determine hours of access to the Internet and to produce detailed reports about visited sites. It should be noted that parental controls Titanium do not replace, but complement built-in features similar use in Windows 8.

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