Defense mechanism Windows 8 does not provide an adequate level of protection of users

Posted: October 29, 2012 in IT Security News
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Windows 8Despite the efforts of Microsoft customize build mechanisms to counter cyber threats, to better protect the user needs antivirus.

Experts in the field of information security is not very optimistic about took the news the update of security mechanisms in the operating system Windows 8 from Microsoft.

Despite the appearance of the OS Product Windows SmartScreen and Windows Defender, which, together with the earlier protection mechanisms should provide comprehensive user safety, the researchers note that the efforts made Microsoft is not enough. So, Windows SmartScreen is a means of protecting your computer from running unknown applications and files downloaded from the web, and Windows Defender – complete integrated Antivirus previously known as Microsoft Security Essentials.

Both decisions, according to the developer, to fully protect the user from a variety of cyber attacks, as Microsoft Security Essentials does not just accept the best of anti-virus solutions.

However, the appearance of Windows 8 as a powerful self-protection mechanism does not bother antivirus vendors who believe that without installing third-party products, users upgraded OS, anyway, do not succeed.

According to the company Symantec, the developer himself can not guarantee a perfect protection of users with built-alone products.

Even Microsoft does not claim that their good and antivirus. According to representatives of the company, it is designed and intended to provide a basic level of security at a time when the computer is new, just purchased, and you do not have time to get a full defense.

In our opinion, despite all the improvements, antivirus solutions will still be in demand, as the monitoring of new threats, search modifications viruses, new ways to protect against fraud – the work of experts antivirus companies.

It should be noted that not all experts are so categorical about the need to be installed on Windows 8 additional antivirus products.

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