Facebook’s users received fake message about free iPad Mini

Posted: November 3, 2012 in IT Security News
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Sophos antivirus

Facebook fake messages

In Sophos noted that fraudulent scheme allows to steal personal data.

Sophos warns of new fraudulent scheme in which attackers use fake a proposal for iPad Mini for free. Become victims of false alerts users of social network Facebook.

The message that users receive, states: “You are a fan of Apple? Now operates a proposal for a iPad Mini. Click on the following link to get a free iPad Mini. “

Link redirects the user to a fake page of the application Facebook, which automatically puts a false notice of free iPad Mini in the profile of the victim in the social network. Thus scammers try to get into the scheme even more users.

Experts say that this fraudulent scheme allows attackers to steal users’ personal information and to spread spam messages to Facebook.



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