How to do safe online purchases

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Articles
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online shopping safeInternet shops are becoming increasingly popular among users due to the fact that provide a wide range of products and time-saving to purchase. But how safe are electronic payments in online store? What to think and what precautions to take to the buyer online store?

Let’s try to answer these questions.

First of all, online shoppers at risk of fraud. This is a fake credit card, and re-write-offs, and just disappear storefront, who managed to get the money for undelivered goods. A large proportion of fraud is by stealing confidential data by intercepting information transmitted or hacking databases retailers.

Today, cyber criminals often use the following method to steal money:

– the user’s computer becomes infected with keylogger (a malicious program) that captures logins / passwords and payment card data entered via the keyboard;

– keylogger then sends the captured data to fraudsters, who dispose of them have their own selfish purposes.

Many users and founded fear of such a threat, as the commission of unwanted children shopping online.

How to make online shopping safer and more comfortable? How to protect yourself and your family from scams and unscrupulous online retailers?

To do so, perform a series of not very complex rules:

– To perform all financial transactions only with well-protected computer on which you installed a quality anti-virus product;

– Get a special bank card for online purchases, which account for you to transfer small amounts of money – in this case the size of the potential loss is limited;

– Use the services of a well-known and well-established online stores that value their reputation and execute measures to protect consumers;

– Use parental control over the activity of minors on the Internet, through which you can keep visiting certain sites and their categories, or only allow connections to secure sites of the “white” list.

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