Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11 – unified control of all IT-enterprise risks

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Antivirus and Security Software
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Symantec Corp

Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11

Symantec has released a new version of its solution class GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) under the name Symantec CCS (Control Compliance Suite) 11.

The objective of this solution is the implementation of today’s complex requirements for manageability, risk and compliance. This modular system allows you to solve a number of problems, which have previously been prohibitively complex.

In the past, Symantec has already proposed solutions class GRC, but in version 11 CCS has implemented a number of interesting innovations. One of these new products is the main module of Risk Manager, which automates many of the processes of management and auditing. In addition, Symantec CSS 11 assists IT-managers to better understand how complex IT-infrastructure affect critical aspects of the enterprise, including the risks and compliance with data protection.

Symantec CCS package 11 is a local solution for installation in the customer’s network. With this package IT-managers can audit risks, protection of personal data, as well as control of the overall manageability of IT-infrastructure. To install the package need a server running Windows Server 2003 SP2 or 2008 and Microsoft SQL Server database later version 2005 SP2.

Installing the Symantec CCS is 11, as in other products Symantec, performed by the wizard. Note that for the initial setup requires a large amount of information about the network and infrastructure. On the other hand, for most IT-managers of this phase of the deployment will not be a problem.

As part of Symantec CCS 11 includes five major components. Each is licensed separately, usually for the entire corporate network entirely. The license price for modules Risk Manager and Policy Manager is determined by the manufacturer based on the size of the customer. Typical configuration costs about $ 150 per user.

Module Risk Manager, as the main novelty of this version is used to determine the level of risk posed by each of the components of the IT-infrastructure. This module applies a process approach, so that the administrator uses the Risk Manager for the identification and visualization of risk in each asset of the company. In other words, Risk Manager performs audits and data record for each asset, giving out information that can be used for immediate action to mitigate the risks.

Administrators can specify triggers that will fire when a certain level of risk and issue alerts. In addition, the Risk Manager module can provide recommendations for actions needed, as well as the priority of these activities.

A major strength of the package is 11 CCS in risk assessment – the package can detect critical vulnerabilities and match their solutions, collecting detailed information in informative reports. CCS package collects data from many sources in many ways, including the use of agents with and without. Moreover, the package can use CCS data imported from other protective systems used in the company. Import data is performed using the interfaces ODBC, application programming interfaces to access the Web-based resources, as well as through regular files.

Most functions of the package Symantec CCS 11 based on administrative policies. The administrator can create these policies yourself using the supplied templates, and update policies for specific tasks. The package includes as many as 150 seats, standard recommendations, regulations, and other elements that are used in your environment. For the end users and their requirements using either its own system for processing or integration with third-party solutions similar purpose. More about Symantec CCS 11 can be found on the official product page at

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