Windows 8 is vulnerable to attack 15% of the most popular viruses

Posted: November 19, 2012 in IT Security News
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Windows 8

Windows 8 is vulnerable to attack

The researchers checked the accuracy of the statement that the new OS is more secure than the previous platform.

Due to the fact that the interest of users in the recently released Windows 8 is very small, the researchers decided to find out whether a new version of the operating system is more secure than the previous ones.

According to experts Symantec, despite the fact that they were able to detect only one type of malicious application for Windows 7 that can attack users of Windows 8, they do not doubt in the gradual emergence of an increasing number of viruses for the new platform.

Researchers from the antivirus company Bitdefender, in turn, decided to find out how Windows 8 and its enhanced security to cope with the ‘old’ threats.

Analysts conducted a test with 385 malicious applications leads the list of the most common viruses and two personal computers that are running the new operating system of Microsoft. In this case, one of the PCs was activated Windows Defender.

Antivirus software giant was able to reflect the vast number of attacks – compromise a system managed only 61 malicious program. Another managed to bypass Windows Defender, but its future work blocked the OS component that monitors user accounts – User Account Control (UAC). However, a second computer that does not contain additional protection, a victim of 234 malware.

“Another 138 malicious programs for various reasons were not able to run in this environment, six have threatened to launch, but later they stopped work accident, and seven more, coped with the launch were blocked UAC”, – experts say.

You can view the Bitdefender’s report here.

  1. This is just scare tactics, the thing with security is that anyone can make changes that allow virii in just to convince customers to buy additional software, for example if I had bitdefender it might crash leaving ample window for virus infections.. There is too much going on to worry about this nonsense, just don’t look at porn or download pirated content and you should be fine.

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