How to choose the best antivirus

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Antivirus and Security Software, Articles
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Best antivirus softwareMany people are concerned about what is the best antivirus? It is not easy to answer – because the market there are dozens of anti-virus solutions, and test each of them is difficult. Have to rely on the advice of others, but their tastes and requirements can vary greatly.

For one, the most important criterion is the best anti-virus performance, for another – easy to use, for the third – the price for the fourth – a beautiful or simply the familiar interface, etc.

What anti-virus monitor is best for you? By what criteria to choose the best antivirus?

Let’s try to answer. The best antivirus should meet a set of requirements:

– A high level of protection;
– Performance and low resource consumption;
– Constant updating of anti-virus database;
– Good compatibility with the OS and applications;
– The ability to manage new and complex threats;
– Easy installation;
– Clear the localized interface;
– High-quality technical support.

In addition, the best antivirus should meet your specific needs, for example, have full parental control, gaming mode or protection of online banking.

For corporate products as special requirements. Best antivirus business class should be highly efficient, well-integrable in modern computer networks, and have developed a means of centralized control.

To correctly select the best antivirus define your requirements for the solution, find the right product in the market and be sure to test it. Virtually all modern antivirus programs available in the trial (trial) version, which can be a period of time to use for free.

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  1. Gloria says:

    I agree, finding the right antivirus can be difficult. I had to do a lot of testing before I decided on the right antivirus for me. I tried many of the well known antiviruses (AVG, Avira and so on) but had issues with all them. I stumbled upon Unthreat Antivirus a while ago and after reading a few promising reviews about it I decided to download it. I can’t say a single bad thing about it! It doesn’t slow down my computer, have any annoying popups and I haven’t had a virus since I downloaded it. I recommend it.

  2. Jenny Jones says:

    I have Kaspersky 2013 because the guys down at the computer shop recommended it for me. They say it has cloud protection so they have tons more definitions than other antivirus softwares which means they can stop more viruses.

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