Hacker sells XSS-exploit Yahoo Mail for $ 700

Posted: November 23, 2012 in IT Security News
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Hackers attackXSS-ekploit steals user cookies to log in to your account up and running in all the web-browsers.

Egyptian hacker sells XSS-exploit Yahoo! Mail for $ 700. Hacker published “promotional” video, which clearly demonstrates the effect of the exploit users. A copy of the video made by Brian Krebs, and placed it on the resource YouTube.

By recording says that XSS-ekploit steals user cookies to log in to your account and works in all the web-browsers.

“I sell XSS-exploit Yahoo, who steals cookies to log in to your email account users and works on all browsers, – the hacker. – You do not need to bypass the XSS-filters in IE or Chrome, as ekploit uses stored XSS-vulnerability. Prices for these exploits range from $ 1100 to $ 1500, while I offer it for $ 700. Selling only to trusted people, because I do not want to dent fixed soon. “

Brian Krebs reported on his blog that he was associated with the Yahoo!, who said that analyze the information. Company experts are trying to find the exact URL-address, which triggers the exploit.

“Correct gap is easy because most XSS eliminated by simply replacing the code. When we find a vulnerable URL-address we will be able in a few hours to run the new code, “- said Ramses Martinez, head of security Yahoo!.




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