How to Protect Yourself Against Keylogger Spyware

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Articles
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KeyloggerProtection against keyloggers

First you need to install it modern browser such as Google Chrome or Safari. Since the keylogger is more aimed at browser internet exploer.

To prevent recording keystrokes, you can use the onscreen keyboard.

Standard keyboard can be found in the special opportunities on Windows. But better to use a virtual keyboard online.

Countering keyloggers

There are two types of applications, opposing keyloggers:

  • Opposition on the basis of signatures.

These are applications that define keystrokes to files that it finds and records that it makes to the registry. While they are fighting against a well-known spies, they are powerless against the programs not listed in their database.

  • Opposition on the basis of an interception.

Interception process (filter) messages in Windows uses the SetWindowsHookEx (), the same that is used keyloggers. This process is used to monitor specific events, but the application opposing interception prohibit the transfer of control from one function to another. The result is a lack of information in the logs keystrokes. Although this method is more effective counter first, we note that it is not able to fight against nuclear / Driver keyloggers.

There is another method of dealing with keyloggers. It is effective only in software. For hardware may require special devices to search for bugs. Encrypting data at the program level greatly facilitates protection against spyware, as well as possible way to reset the keys from the standard layout to a more secure.

But besides protection is needed, and prevention. To help go a good antivirus such as: BitDefender, VIPRE, Norton,  GData, and also curient product from Dr.Web.

Due to increased in recent years, the number of keyloggers, a growing number of web-sites and malicious users benefiting installing keyloggers and identity theft.

Need to know about the danger and be able to identify it. The first step in the fight against spyware-applications will use an alternative browser such as FireFox, Safari, Opera, etc. If for some reason this can not be done, you should take steps to prevent the constant of your system to detect and remove keyloggers. In the future I would like to dedicate the project to this problem. Technical and software for protection against computer spyware will solve the problem.



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