Experts Find Way to Crack Belkin Routers

Posted: November 26, 2012 in IT Security News, Vulnerability News
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Crack Belkin Routers

Experts Find Way to Crack Default WPA2 Passwords of Belkin Routers

Experts in the field of information security Jakob Lell and Jorg Schneider declare that they have managed to crack a password by default in routers Belkin. The study found that the password assigned to many Belkin routers by default, if you use an encryption standard WPA2, is easy to calculate.

The main reason for this problem is that the password assigned by default, is generated based on MAC-address of the device. According to Jörg Schneider, given the fact that the MAC-address of the device is passed through the signal frame, the attacker would not be difficult to calculate a password, and easily connect to the wireless network of the victims. According to Schneider, each of the eight digits, the default password is generated by replacing the corresponding digit hexadecimal network MAC-address using a static table lookup.

In turn Jacob Lell said, in order to calculate the default router password Belkin, an attacker enough to draw a simple lookup table, that is, to compromise the device, it is only necessary to learn MAC-address of the router, and then, after spending just a few minutes, put it into hex.

Belkin Routers

According to reports, this specific vulnerability found in routers Belkin Surf N150 model number F7D1301v1. In addition, experts say that if you believe the label on the site Belkin, it is quite possible that the vulnerability is contained in the models N900 (F9K1104v1), N450 (F9K1105V2) and N300 (F7D2301v1). However, most experts do not exclude the possibility that this specific vulnerability may be present in other routers Belkin.

Researchers claim that the company reported on Belkin Vulnerabilities in January this year, but no reply received. It was therefore decided to publish the results of research.

To avoid falling victim to hackers, experts advise owners Belkin routers possible that you change the default password assigned to the more complex.


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