Major threat to the security of your data is the World Wide Web

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Articles
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Secure home network

Major threat to the security of your data – is the World Wide Web. We will describe how to provide protection for your home network.

Often users mistakenly believe that to protect the home PC connected to the Internet is enough conventional antivirus. In introducing misleading and labels on boxes of routers, which states that in these devices in hardware implemented a powerful firewall that can protect against hacker attacks. These statements are only partially true. First of all, both of these tools requires good configuration. However, many anti-virus packages are simply not equipped with this function as a firewall.

Meanwhile literate structure protection starts from the connection to Internet. In today’s home networks tend to use Wi-Fi-routers using Ethernet-cable connection. Through a local network connected to the Internet have a desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets. And as a team are themselves PCs and peripherals such as printers and scanners, many of which are connected via a network is.

Cracking your access point, the attacker can not just use your Internet connection and manage the household computer devices, but also to place on the web illegal content, using your IP-address, as well as steal information stored on the equipment connected to the network. Today we will cover the basic rules of network security, the maintenance of their health and prevention of attacks.

Home Network


Modern networking hardware for the most part requires configuration of security tools. First of all we are talking about the various filters, firewalls, access lists for drinks. Security settings can be set and a skilled user, but you should know some details.

Using encryption TRAFFIC. Configuring the access point, be sure to include the most reliable protection mechanisms traffic, create a complex password and senseless use WPA2 protocol with encryption algorithm AES. WEP is outdated and can be cracked in minutes.

Regularly change the credentials. Set strong passwords to access and regularly (eg every six months) to change them. The easiest way to hack the device on which the user has left the standard username and password admin / admin.

Hides the SSID setting SSID. (Service Set Identifier) ​​- is the public name for the wireless network, which is broadcast on the air, so that it can see the user devices. Use of the option will hide the SSID to protect against hackers beginners, but then for the new devices will need to manually enter the access point settings.

TIP When the primary access point settings change the SSID, since it displays the name of the model of the router, which can serve as a clue in finding the attacker exploits.

Customized embedded router firewall. In most cases equipped with a simple version of firewalls. With their help, can not be thoroughly configured set of rules for the safe operation of the network, but you can override the basic vulnerability, or, for example, disable the e-mail client.

Limit access by MAC-address. Using lists of MAC-address (Media Access Control), you can deny access to the network those devices, physical addresses, which are not included in the list. For this you will need to manually create lists of authorized network equipment.


Physically secure the network, you need to take care of the software part of ‘defense’. This will help you complete anti-virus packages, firewalls and vulnerability scanners.

Configure access to the folder. Don’t place the folder with the system or just the important data in the directories to which access is open to users inside the network. Also, try not to create a folder, accessible from the network, the system drive. All such directory if there is no need, it is best to limit the attribute ‘Read Only’. Otherwise, the shared folder can live virus disguised as documents.

Sets the firewall. Software firewalls are usually easy to set up and have the self-learning mode. When using it, the program asks the user what connections he approves, and which sees fit to ban.

We recommend the use of a personal firewall built into such popular commercial products such as Kaspersky Iinternet Security, Norton internet Security, NOD Internet Security, as well as free solutions – for example, Comodo Firewall. Staff firewall Windows, unfortunately, can not boast of a reliable security, providing only basic port settings.

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