Special device uses a vulnerability in electronic locks

Posted: November 27, 2012 in IT Security News


Vulnerability in electronic locks

Vulnerability in electronic locks can penetrate in a hotel room

Attacker illegally entered the room of the victim, using a special device for reading electronic memory bell.

Postoyalitsey hotel in Texas was the victim of an attacker who illegally entered her room and stole a laptop. Police found no signs of burglary. Initially, suspicion fell on the maid, but it was found that none of the keys of the hotel staff was not used to open the room to the time when the theft occurred.

After a time, law enforcement authorities have established that the room lock was opened by a special digital instrument. On suspicion of burglary was arrested on 27-year-old Matthew Allen Cook, who previously prosecuted for burglary and theft. The young man was able to calculate after he passed a stolen laptop from the hotel to the pawnshop.

The attacker entered the hotel room with a special device that uses a vulnerability in the electronic locks, developed by Onity. It should be noted that these locks are used by more than 4 million around the world. Inherent vulnerability of these castles were presented at the conference Black Hat Security. While specialist Cody Brocious demonstrated how to use a specific device for less than $ 50, you can open any door in the hotel.

The device developed Brosius, is a portable gadget for programming, which lets you control electronic door locks. They found that the vulnerability exists in the locks because the lock open ports allow any device to read its memory, which stores the data to answer the door.

Currently, the developer vulnerable electronic locks – the company Onity – did not provide any comments.




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