Vulnerability in electronic door locks fixed by the manufacturer

Posted: November 29, 2012 in IT Security News

Innovations introduced in phases in all the hotels that use products manufacturer Onity.

Onity company said about fixed vulnerabilities in their electronic locks, which are used in hotels around the world. Recall that a breach could allow an attacker to penetrate in any hotel room through a specially designed device that could unlock any code electronic lock.

According to the BBC, quoting representatives Onity, vulnerability was completely fixed.

“Immediately after the hacker publicly demonstrated a way to illegal entry into hotel room, the engineers developed a mechanical and Onity solution found problems,” – said in a statement.

It should be noted that the changes introduced by Onity were tested by two companies in the field of information security. All innovations are introduced gradually in all the hotels that use products Onity.

Detailed information about the decisions the company took no. It was reported earlier that the hotel owners proposed to establish new fees or new locks for their own account.

Administrators simply fill in some of the hotels open ports vulnerable locks with glue.

Recall that the vulnerability of these castles were presented at the conference Black Hat Security. While specialist Cody Brocious demonstrated how to use a specific device for less than $ 50, you can open any door in the hotel.

The device developed Brosius, is a portable gadget for programming, which lets you control electronic door locks. They found that the vulnerability exists in the locks because the lock open ports allow any device to read its memory, which stores the data to answer the door.

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